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Welcome to Our Site

Thanks for visiting us!  Why Museums Under the Sky?  I have had the good fortune to travel throughout North and Central America and Europe and am now retired living in Florence, Italy.  When I first moved to Florence, I met a wonderful lady on the street that was born in Florence.  She asked why I moved here; my response was, "even walking through the streets, there is so much to see."  Her response to me, "Yes, it is like the city is a museum under the sky."  As I thought about her comment, I realized that I have been to so many places that just walking around was often just as beautiful as any museum that you might need a ticket to.  This site is simply a recapping of my adventures and thoughts.  I hope you enjoy your visit here and that it sparks the light of travel in your heart.  Check out my adventures and hopefully remember or plan some of your own.



What's New

Have you ever just noticed a door knob?  Join me in seeing the doors of Florence, Italy.


Join me on my day trip to Bologna, Italy.

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